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Who's the Kayli behind the cakes?

Kayli Hessler - PRINT_Commercial.JPG

From the ripe age of 8, Kayli has had a passion for creating. Her grandmother was an avid baker, and decorated cakes for a living. Though she never had the chance to actually learn from her, Kayli believes it was through her that she developed the knack for baking. There was something about the meticulousness of the culinary art that sparked her interest specifically... How one small thing could make or break your final product. And as a perfectionist herself, she found solace in working towards that delicious end product. And delicious it would be. 
Flavor profiles are a big factor for Kayli, and she strives to make something that not only looks beautiful, but tastes beautiful too.
It wasn’t until recently that Kayli decided to start a business with the hobby she so dearly loved to do. One of her main issues was finding mouths to feed for the amount of pastries, pies, cakes, cupcakes, and cookies she wanted to make. It was when her family cumulatively gained over 100 pounds (jokingly) that she realized she needed to expand her table to others.
Thus became Kayli Bakes Cakes. Though Kayli has been self-taught, it is through her trial and error that she has found the uniqueness of her work, and it is just as much of an element of her baking as the ingredients themselves. She hopes that her passion to create through flavor and beauty will gleefully hit your taste buds and leave you more than satisfied and ready for more.

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