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Pricing Information


Just as each and every cake is unique, the pricing is the same. All custom cakes are priced depending on their flavor, size, and the extent of the decoration. ​

Common cake sizes and their beginning prices (the smallest single tier cake I offer is a 6"):

  • 6" cake that feeds 10-12 begins at $100

  • 7" cake that feeds 15-20 begins at $110

  • 8" cake that feeds 16-25 begins at $125

  • 2-tiered 8"+6" that feeds 25-35 begins at $250

For a specific quote on non-wedding related events, please fill out an order form here.

If you are wanting a quote for a wedding event, please send me a message here. 

For detailed wedding cake information, download the form below: 

Cupcakes: begin at $55/dozen

Cookies: $35-$60/dozen

Macarons: begin at $35/dozen


If you are interested in dessert table information, please reference my wedding information packet above with the download link

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